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Blahoslav Hajnc Choir

The choir was formed in 1969 under the guidance of MgA. Blahoslav Hajnc, as the "Teachers' Choral Society Brno-Countryside". At the occasion of the 30th anniversary, the choir changed its name in honour of its founder into "Blahoslav Hajnc Choir". In 2000, the artistic management was taken over by his daughter, Eva Hajncová.

Today, the choir strives for development of its artistic potential. It means, for instance, annual participation at various international choir festivals – Olomouc, Vlachovo Brezi (there, the choir was awarded Bedřich Průcha Prize for the best interpretation of folk song), Prague, Bratislava etc. Choir has already succeeded at the festivals several times. In June 2011, the choir participated at Antonin Tucapsky Choral Festival in Vyškov, where it was awarded the Golden Level.

In February 2004, the choir recorded its first CD consisted of composition by composer Rudolf Zavdil jr., at the occasion of his seventieth birthday. The second CD was released in November 2008 and had been called "Jam session aneb marmeládová seance PSBH".

The 40th anniversary the choir commemorated by publication of its anthology (June 2009) and by the successful exchange tour in West France with the choir Creche n'Do. A year later (August 2010), Blahoslav Hajnc Choir hosted the French choir in the Czech Republic and organized several common concerts.